COVID-19 Level 2 Policy

  1. You must sign in using this app.
  2. All crew must have completed a Health Declaration form
  3. You must wear a mask at all times
  4. Maintain 2m social distancing while workingIf close contact is required, PPE must be worn
  5. All catered food will be pre-packagedKeep gear stashes to a minimum.
  6. Crew should keep the majority of their equipment inside workstations/ vehicles. 
  7. Each person should travel in their own car, and return home in that same car.Wash or sanitise your hands as soon as you enter any of our buildings or sets.
  8. No sharing of personal devices or stationery.
  9. Maintain good hygiene practises and wash your hands regularly.
  10. Please wipe down all surfaces that have come into regular contact with antibacterial spray. This includes:
    1. equipment handles
    2. cupboard drawer handles
    3. light switches
    4. door handles
  11. If you are sick, suspected to be sick, or someone in your family is sick, please stay home.
  12. Operate “Clean as you go” in areas with food - Wash any dishes, cutlery you have used, do not leave in kitchen sink. After preparing food or beverages in kitchen wipe the bench, table and microwave etc if used.

How to wash your hands properly