About Creation Films

Passionate about the power of moving pictures

For nearly twenty years we have been creating drama, documentaries, videos and television commercials, through to streams that capture the human energy of live events and social media clips that make people click.

Our productions have helped our clients to powerfully move the hearts, minds and actions of their audiences.

We are constantly driven and inspired by the incredible power of moving pictures and visual media to tell stories and move people to change their ideas and their behaviour.

We are dedicated to ensuring your creative journey is well-planned, enjoyable and rewarding creative journey. Together we will produce films or media that:

  • engage and delight your audiences
  • reflect your values at their best
  • tell your stories and express your messages in the most compelling ways
  • deliver and exceed your desired results.

We are totally focused on client support. Today’s audiences put enormous expectation pressure on your shoulders. They are experts in brand language and production values. They demand you bring your best. Creation Films is here to make sure you deliver that, on time and to budget. Give us a call to learn more about Creation Films today!

About Creation Films: Media that reflects your excellence
Excellent Ideas

Clients say “you really get our business” – because we listen. We create concepts, narratives and storylines based on hearing and understanding your goals, priorities, values, markets and audiences. Our ideas make your budget go further and your messages hit deeper.

Excellent Relationships

We love what we do and it shows – but we know video production can be challenging for clients, with a lot on the line. So we collaborate, listen, respond and support, which is why we have client relationships that last. We want that kind of relationship with you too.

Excellent Content

Actors. Interviews. Live Action. Animation. Studios. Locations. Sets. Stages. Lighting. Mics. Edit suites. Boardrooms. The essence is always the same: everything audiences see and hear reflects on our clients, so it must be as good as our clients are – and our clients are excellent.

Excellent Equipment

We use professional 4K digital filmmaking equipment, such as the Sony F5 Cinema Scope workflow, giving you genuine cinematic excellence right at the sweet spot of affordability.

Creation Films: moving pictures, moving people

Contact Creation Films: A film and video production company producing commercials, marketing, training and social media videos, as well as entertainment films in Auckland and Tauranga, New Zealand.

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