What we make

Our projects range across drama, documentaries, training videos and television commercials, through to streams that capture the human energy of live events and social media clips that make people click. 

Documentary Production

Broadcast | Short Form

Life is full of stories. They reach into the depth of our heart and provoke emotion, challenge us and remind us about the most important things in life.

We tell stories that touch people’s hearts and change the way they see the world. Whether it’s a full length broadcast documentary production, or a short form clip, our team works to cut through the clutter and reveal your story’s true significance. We know that well told documentary moves peoples’ hearts and we’re masters at crafting stories which matter.

Documentary Production Examples

Creation Films: moving pictures, moving people

Contact Creation Films: A film and video production company producing commercials, marketing, training and social media videos, as well as entertainment films in Auckland and Tauranga, New Zealand.

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