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Our projects range across drama, documentaries, training videos and television commercials, through to streams that capture the human energy of live events and social media clips that make people click. 


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Whether you’ve got a new product, want to promote your business or increase your online presence, video effectively enables you to form an emotional connection with your potential customer, while communicating your key point of difference.

Creation Films has helped sell and promote countless products and services with clever communication strategies and creative stories which engage viewers - moving them towards your business! From documentary style video, to drama and 2D or 3D animation, our team will craft a concept which clearly communicates why the viewer should buy from you.

Whether you plan to broadcast a TV commercial, put a video on your website, or improve your social media presence, video creates engagement like no other medium can.

Looking for a full web solution?

Whether you need video content created for your existing website, a new project specific site, or a whole new website, Creation Films can deliver you a single, video integrated web solution. As a RocketSpark Partner, you'll experience the best of our creative team, combined with the excellent technical performance offered by the RocketSpark platform.

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Creation Films: moving pictures, moving people

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