Video During Lockdown

Have the unexpected changes to your diary in the last week created immediate needs to communicate with your stakeholders, or maybe they freed up your time to work on your business?

Video Content in Lockdown

We've all learned how video conferencing can connect us while we work from home, but have you considered how professionally created video material can help bridge the gap further?

A new video doesn't have to require new filming. Whether it's animated content, editing of existing content, or beginning the creative development of a longer-term project, our team is here to help.

​Lockdown video ideas

  • Create urgent video content to communicate with your team, customers, or stakeholders. 
  • Re-edit existing video material to breathe new-life into the footage you've invested in, while limited in being able to film further content.
  • Got some free time during lockdown? Maybe it's challenging to find the time to plan your organisation's marketing and training material in the busyness of the day-to-day. If that's true, take the opportunity to explore our online planning tool, or give us a call to start a new creative journey: 0800 FILM IT