infoodle's video strategy saves over 20 hours per week!

"The videos have already proven to be vital in capturing the attention of our potential customers and providing them with all the necessary information regarding our product"

Nadia Wilde, infoodle Marketing & Communications

Meet infoodle. 

A New Zealand made, management software platform powering non-profits all around the world. 

Their challenge? 

Introducing new prospects to their platform in a simple effective way - that doesn't consume endless staff time. 

If there is anything we’ve learnt through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that we can all be connected digitally. However, making the same Zoom presentation every day, was painfully repetitive for the infoodle team. 

They asked Creation Films to develop a high level introduction to the platform, for organisation decision makers, as well as a series of in-depth demo video presentations, and social media clips.

The Result? 

20 man hours saved for the infoodle sales team - EVERY WEEK!

"This is saving our Sales team over 20 hours per week of conducting demos, and drives new customers to us every day."

Nadia Wilde, infoodle Marketing & Communications

The Process Working with Creation Films

The elegant solution created by the Creation Films team combines infoodle's pre-existing brand into an engaging animation, along with a succinct, yet detailed insight into their product.

The Brief

  1. Eye catching social media clips,
  2. An simple introduction to the infoodle platform,
  3. In-depth product overviews for prospects making buying decisions.

"The Creation Films team did an excellent job of taking our existing brand elements and weaving them into a story that captured not only the essence of our product, but also our mission, which is to support and help nonprofit organisations of all sectors and sizes. We were highly impressed by their ability to listen and understand our brand, our vision and values." 
Nadia Wilde, infoodle Marketing & Communications

​The Production

Development and Scripting: The Creation Films team worked with the infoodle team to uncover the key challenges their prospects are looking to resolve, and how infoodle can do that for them. Our writer, George, took that and crafted an elegant script, utilising the testimonials infoodle already had from their customers. The final script was designed to also be segmented into very short social media clips.

Filming: A simple set was created, where Dave, infoodle's 'product expert', guided viewers through the infoodle platform. We captured both Dave's presentation, and his screen moments for editing later.

Design: Our designer, Matt, took infoodle's existing brand elements, and designed a scene by scene storyboard, drawing new illustrations to match supplied stock imagery.

Animation: Our animator, Michael, put motion to the completed storyboard, ensuring that each movement enhanced the overall story.

"Every time we felt we were running out of ideas, they offered helpful solutions in terms of design, messaging and such. It was good to know that we could always rely on the experience and expertise of their writers, designers and animators."

Some more of the final videos