"Lights, Camera, Milk"

September 1, 2021

​More milk = more income

AgriHealth helps New Zealand vets to help farmers improve herd and flock health and productivity. Over the past 7 years, Creation Films has supported AgriHealth in the production of video tips for farmers....
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Most of us have been to a concert or live event which has video on a big screen, or is being broadcast in some way. It may appear simple enough... plug in a camera and connect it to the big screen, but in reality, the expertise, personnel and equipment required make tha...
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"The videos have already proven to be vital in capturing the attention of our potential customers and providing them with all the necessary information regarding our product"

Nadia Wilde, infoodle Marketing & Communications...
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In a world where we can all take video on our smartphones - and we get inundated with various forms of media everyday - it’s critical that the media you create to showcase your brand represents you with excellence! Your video content, and your other forms of media form you...
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Ever wondered what’s involved in a creating a professional video or film production? Whether you are using video to sell, train or motivate, we will support you every step of the way, to finished media that achieves all your goals and exceeds your expectations. Kick off yo...
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