WATCH: Behind the scenes of broadcasting a live event

Most of us have been to a concert or live event which has video on a big screen, or is being broadcast in some way. It may appear simple enough... plug in a camera and connect it to the big screen, but in reality, the expertise, personnel and equipment required make that visual experience effective is extensive.

A Sneak Peek

Take a look behind the scenes, into the video control room where multiple cameras are being directed at a live event. As our director guides camera operators through the event, calling shots, and cutting between cameras, a seamless live stream, recording and/or feeds to the LED big screen and building TVs is elegantly created.

Planning an event?

Considering the role video has to play at your event is an essential part of your planning. Here's a few ways you could consider using video within your event:

  • Live, or on-demand access,
  • Display of video feeds on a big screen, or breakout screens,
  • A highlights video,
  • Pre-recorded video content to play at the event.

The Creation Films team brings 17 years of live event experience to the planning of your event. From advice, planning, setup, and execution, you're in safe hands with Creation Films.

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Chris Bethwaite, National Administrator, Elim NZ