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AgriHealth helps New Zealand vets to help farmers improve herd and flock health and productivity. Over the past 7 years, Creation Films has supported AgriHealth in the production of video tips for farmers.

This latest Mastatest series, released in 2021 features breakthrough on-farm Mastitis testing. It's an excellent example of how video can be used for both marketing and training purposed, all within one project.

This is a great example of video being used well, to maximise a return on investment for its intended audience. 

The content created in various series have been used in a variety of ways. From social media, to trade shows, mobile apps and broadcast television, the content created by Creation Films is diverse enough to span many forms of media, and engage prospects are various points in their journey with a new supplier like AgriHealth.

"They take ownership of the project from start to finish, are very thorough and organised. They communicate clearly and consistently, and importantly produce an extremely professional end-product.” Lyndsay Lawrence, Business Manager, AgriHealth

Other AgriHealth Video Series

If you'd like to see more ideas of how video can be used in a specific content like this, have a look through the other series created for AgriHealth.


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