Media that reflects your excellence

In a world where we can all take video on our smartphones - and we get inundated with various forms of media everyday - it’s critical that the media you create to showcase your brand represents you with excellence!

Your video content, and your other forms of media form your virtual shop-front, and the impression prospects and clients have of your business are created from it.

As you plan your marketing approach, consider how the content you create will reflect on your brand value. If your website or website video is ‘cheap and cheerful’, is that how your potential customers will perceive your brand? Likewise, if your media is sharp, engaging and professional, your prospects will see your brand in that light. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to present you well!

Engaging Creation Films affords you the opportunity to have specialists in their areas of expertise involved in creating your content.

Clients say “you really get our business” – because we listen. We create concepts, narratives and storylines based on hearing and understanding your goals, priorities, values, markets and audiences. Our ideas make your budget go further and your messages hit deeper.

We love what we do and it shows – but we know video production can be challenging for clients, with a lot on the line. So we collaborate, listen, respond and support, which is why we have client relationships that last. We want that kind of relationship with you too.

Actors. Interviews. Live Action. Animation. Studios. Locations. Sets. Stages. Lighting. Mics. Edit suites. Boardrooms. The essence is always the same: everything audiences see and hear reflects on our clients, so it must be as good as our clients are – and our clients are excellent.

We use professional 4K digital filmmaking equipment, such as the Sony F5 Cinema Scope workflow, giving you genuine cinematic excellence right at the sweet spot of affordability.

There’s nothing to lose!

Try our online video brief creator and explore how a professional approach to your content could radically change how people engage with your content and perceive your business.